RELAX data extensions, XHTML Basic implementation
18:51, 13 Jan 2001 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Murata Makoto has presented a rough proposal for a data-oriented version of RELAX, as well as an alpha set of RELAX modules for XHTML Basic.

Introducing the data-oriented RELAX vocabulary, Murata noted that "Since RELAX Namespace is a multi-lingural framework, I would like to have languages other than RELAX Core."

The 'sketch' of RELAX Data is different from RELAX Core in some key ways:

  • choice/sequence are removed
  • minOccurs and maxOccurs are added
  • introduced complexType
  • removed elementRule/hedgeRule/tag/attPool
  • introduced subordinate, which allows both subelements and attributes

On the XHTML Basic side, Murata noted:

"I rewrote XHTML Basic in RELAX Core. XHTML Basic is based on XHTML Modularization. I did not convert all modules of XHTML Modularization, but rather convert modules used by XHTML Basic. I also converted the XHTML integration set of XML Modularization."

Some additional explanation of the approach used for modularization is available in a post to xml-dev, where he also noted that "I hope to incorporate redefine features."

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