W3C XML Schema calls for on-line feedback
08:26, 20 Dec 2000 UTC | Eric van der Vlist

Michael Sperberg-McQueen and Dave Hollander have announced a set of HTML forms for schema authors and tools implementers to enter feedback for the W3C XML Schema Candidate Recommendation phase.

Those interested now have until 29 December to submit their comments. The review period was due to end on 15 December.

These forms are part of an effort from the W3C to make their process more public:

As part of our continuing efforts to gather useful and systematic feedback from implementers of XML Schema (both software developers and schema authors), the W3C XML Schema WG is happy to announce the availability of two new HTML forms at the addresses given below.

After collecting background information tailored to implementers and authors, the feedback form has a section attempting to evaluate the actual usage of the different features and data types. It also urges repondents to provide comments on what they think of as the most useful features:

If you would object strongly to the removal of any particular feature, that would be worth noting, too. (Otherwise, we'll only hear from people who would like to delete the feature.)

The last section requests answers to specific questions that are still under discussion (namely xsi:null, schema-level defaults, local element declarations, order of content model and attribute declarations, multiple inclusions/imports/redefinitions, redefine, minimal level of support for decimals digits, order on timeDuration, interoperability of date/time types, non-URI characters and URI references, regular expression and diacritics and whitespace in regular expressions).

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