Perl version of Schematron
00:18, 12 Dec 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Kip Hampton has written a native Perl version of Rick Jelliffe's Schematron XML schema validator.

Schematron defines constraints on a document instance by using the XPath language. Jelliffe's implementation used XSLT, Hampton's is the first non-XSLT version.

The Schematron has proved useful for developers wanting rapid development of user-friendly validators for vocabularies. Hampton gives an example of its invocation:

use XML::Schematron::XPath;
my $pseudotron = 
  XML::Schematron::XPath->new(schema => 
my $messages = 

Some of the ideas giving birth to this module are explained in a recent article written by Hampton.

XML::Schematron is available from CPAN.

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