Jon Bosak on SOAP and ebXML at XML 2000
22:50, 6 Dec 2000 UTC | Eric van der Vlist

Jon Bosak dedicated a large part of his presentation during the vendor keynotes at XML 2000 to net services, asserting that there needs to be different XML protocols to serve different types of services with different requirements.

After announcing that Sun's tagline "The Network Is The Computer" has become true, Jon Bosak described a web where everything would become a web service. He then broke the false image of uniformity that could give that picture by categorizing the kind of services that would become available.

At both ends of the range of services, he spent some time describing how much the requirements were different between those for subscription type services that, like the web, do not need to be 100% reliable and, like the web, can rely on a simple HTTP protocol, and those for trading services, allowing multi-million dollars transactions, which need something more reliable.

Along those lines, the distinction between SOAP, the technology of choice for simple services, and ebXML, required to perform more mission-critical transactions, was made clear by Bosak.

The final architecture of Bosak's vision is then:

  • XML as a core technology
  • UDDI to find the services we need
  • SOAP to perform the simple ones
  • ebXML for the most complex ones
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Re: Jon Bosak on SOAP and ebXML at XML 2000 (D Olson - 20:09, 23 Mar 2001)
While not the transcript, a good summary of his presentation is available at: ...
Re: Jon Bosak on SOAP and ebXML at XML 2000 (Steve Willer - 04:36, 7 Mar 2001)
Anybody have a transcript?
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