XSL reaches Candidate Recommendation
18:23, 22 Nov 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Extensible Stylesheet Language, which defines a framework for using XSLT to create formatting objects, has reached Candidate Recommendation.

Changes from the previous draft appear to be relatively minor. Section 4.11, List of Traits on Areas of the old draft appears to have been removed, while a section on Common Relative Position Properties and a media-usage property have been added.

The criteria for moving to Proposed Recommendation status appear to set a very low standard for advancing:

"Should this specification prove impossible to implement, the Working Group will return the document to Working Draft status and make necessary changes. Otherwise, the Working Group anticipates asking the W3C Director to advance this document to Proposed Recommendation."

The Candidate Recommendation period ends 28 February 2001. Comments should be sent to xsl-editors@w3.org.

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