Weekend reading: XSL-FO, ebXML and UDDI
08:53, 10 Nov 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

  • Paul Sandoz has written an article about using XSL-FO and FOP on Sun's web site. It covers the use of XSL formatting objects with Sun's Slides DTD, enabling a way to create printed output. From the abstract:

    The FO stylesheet may be used in conjunction with the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) stylesheet such that presentations are displayed using SVG and printed using FO. They complement each other because SVG is visually more detailed, for example background styles, where as FO is less so, which makes it suitable for printing. Both stylesheets follow similar transformation logic.
  • is running an article entitled "Understanding ebXML, UDDI and XML/edi." The article contrasts and explains the three e-business initiatives. Commenting on why UDDI was launched at all, seeing as it overlaps with parts of ebXML, the author writes:

    So why was the UDDI initiative work launched at all? Mostly internal time-to-market pressures on the three principles [sic], who simply decided they could not wait for ebXML to complete its work, but instead choose to rush to market with a proprietary solution, and then use this work to drive the direction of the ebXML and W3C standards work at a later point.

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