XHTML Basic leaps to Proposed Recommendation
15:52, 6 Nov 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Apparently skipping the Candidate Recommendation phase, XHTML Basic is now a Proposed Recommendation.

As Dan Connolly pointed out on www-html, the W3C Process Document states that:

"6.2.3 Candidate Recommendations (CR) [...] The duration may range from zero delay (skipped) to one year."

Ann Navarro explained on XHTML-L that this decision can be made internally by the W3C.

Appearing almost nine months after the public Last Call draft, the new PR document is fairly similar to the previous draft. References to the Modularization of XHTML have been updated, and the justification for the exclusion of frames modified to match XHTML 1.1's similar lack of support. The URI for use in the DOCTYPE declaration has been made absolute, and using the internal subset to override declarations in the DTD is now prohibited. The Object module, containing object and param, has been added.

The PR phase ends 3 December 2000.

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