CSS goes mobile
20:15, 13 Oct 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Bert Bos announced a Working Draft of CSS Mobile Profile 1.0, a subset of CSS2 intended for use with mobile devices.

Bos noted that:

"this is connected with CSS2, not 3, and thus it is a slightly different kind of draft than the ones about CSS3."

While other drafts are modularizing and extending Cascading Style Sheets, this one starts with the large set of features provided by Cascading Style Sheets Level 2, and reduces it to a profile suitable for use of devices like cell phones and pagers.

While the draft does describe a subset, it doesn't relax expectations of conformance:

"Conformance to this profile means that a user agent supports, at minimum, the features defined in this specification per the CSS2 conformance."
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Re: CSS goes mobile (Guy Macon - 05:42, 8 May 2003)
I would like to see this closely tied to XHTML-Basic.

-Guy Macon

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