Xalan-C++ version 1.0 released
09:16, 12 Oct 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

The C++ version of the Apache XML Project's XSLT processor, Xalan has reached its first stable release.

Since earlier versions, Xalan-C++ now includes:

  • Full support for namespace handling
  • Full implementation of the format-number() function and support for the decimal-format element
  • Integration with the International Components for Unicode (ICU) for number formatting, sorting, and output encoding
  • Support for the exclude-result-prefixes attribute
  • Support for the output encoding attribute

Xalan-C++ 1.0 requires the Apache XML parser Xerces-C++ version 1.3.0. Although released as a "1.0" Xalan-C++ still has a number of known bugs, some of which include:

  • Problems mapping namespaces from the stylesheet to the source document, and elements do not inherit namespaces correctly
  • If you use to generate HTML with a element, the element fails to include a tag (with the encoding).
  • within an does not include CRLFs (if any) in the result.

Xalan-C++ can be downloaded from the Apache XML site.

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