RELAX Core to ISO; Relaxer updated
15:14, 10 Oct 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Murata Makoto announced that Regular Language Description for XML (RELAX) would be submitted to ISO's fast-track process to become a Draft Technical Report, while Asami Tomoharu announced Relaxer 0.11.

Murata announced:

"The English version of the RELAX Core specification has been successfully submitted to the fast track procedure of ISO. It will automatically become a Draft Technical Report of ISO. I will speak with the chair of SC34 about the possibility of disclosing the submitted document to the public."

Currently, only the DTD and tutorial are available in English, though the RELAX site includes links to articles and information.

Asami Tomoharu announced a new version of Relaxer, "the Java class generator that addresses a XML document complied with the XML model defined by RELAX." Version 0.11 supports the latest submission to ISO, as well as some new options and features.

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