XML web form interface package
07:08, 9 Oct 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Trevor Lee has announced FormSIX, Form Simple Interface in XML, a set of tools for interchanging data from HTML forms between the browser and web server in XML.

The package includes a tool for generating HTML/JavaScript from DTDs, JavaScript modules to compose an XML document from the contents of an HTML form, and JavaScript to populate an HTML form from and XML document.

Lee also includes some suggestions on how to implement the passing of XML between browser and web server using methods currently supported by these technologies.

The FormSIX web page includes several demos, including some encoded in Chinese, and a dynamic code generator, which produces the HTML/JavaScript dynamically from a DTD entered into the browser.

FormSIX can be downloaded as a standalone package: it is free, but not open source. A user guide (PDF) is also available.

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