Topic maps and RDF folks meet
22:16, 19 Sep 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Dan Connolly has posted notes from a telephone meeting between representatives from the Topic Maps and RDF communities, following the agreement to investigate routes of mutual benefit made in Montreal in August.

The telephone meeting took place Monday, 18 September, and came about as a result of a Topic Maps/RDF "head to head" at the Extreme Markup Languages Conference in Montreal.

The log of the meeting shows the two parties getting to know each other's technologies and investigating synergies. Also mentioned was that the XML Topic Maps committee is aiming for version 1.0 of their specification for the XML 2000 conference in December.

There appears to be enthuasism from both sides for carrying on this investigative activity, and another meeting has been scheduled in a week's time.

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