Latest SVG experiments and resources
07:31, 18 Sep 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Iguana Studios have some interesting SVG implementations, including SVG output from their Java/XML content management system Burlap. By using stylesheets the CMS can output to HTML, WAP or SVG.

Iguana also have a further page of SVG resources, including tips for creating SVG with Adobe Illustrator, and examples of SVG usage. Examples include dynamic link creation, dynamic content creation, scrolling and simulated database interaction.

Kevin Lindsey's site,, is a great resource for SVG and JavaScript examples. Lindsey regularly contributes to the eGroups SVG developers list, and all his examples can be found on his site.

As well as an SVG Basics tutorial, Lindsey has a "workshop", in which can be found SVG/JavaScript implementations of things like Conway's Game of Life, a Kaleidoscope, and a demo of the Moon orbiting Earth.

Re: Latest SVG experiments and resources (Brian - 23:31, 7 Dec 2003)

SVG Basics link seems dead

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