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20:50, 1 Sep 2000 UTC | Eric van der Vlist

Answering a suggestion made on the XHTML-L mailing list after the announcement of his new book, Simon St.Laurent launched the xml-xhtml-tips list, where "Web developers interested in XHTML and XML" will receive daily tips.

The new tips list appears to be a continuation of St.Laurent's work to facilitate the adoption of XML technologies by the HTML community through XHTML, the meeting point of these two worlds.

After the creation of the XHTML-L mailing list, which was already a forum "for Web developers, Web designers, Webmasters, document managers, tool builders, integrators, and anyone else with an interest in XHTML to discuss strategies and tactics for making XHTML work", St. Laurent has recently announced "XHTML: Moving Toward XML", a new book "aimed at Web developers who already understand the HTML vocabulary, and just need to know what's changing between XHTML and HTML".

Even though St.Laurent has created the xml-xhtml-tips list to answer a suggestion by a reader who defines himself as: "I am good at html, but have never dabbled in xhtml or xml yet, but have been advised that's where the future is for web developers", it can nevertheless be of interest for xmlhackers. He noted on xml-dev that:

The tip list I'm announcing here may be a little too low-level for many of the members of this list, but it might be useful for others. Even if you understand the complexities, it might also be interesting to see beginner issues presented again, or presented from a Web-oriented perspective, so I hope this will be useful for some folks.

(St.Laurent is a contributing editor to xmlhack.)

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