Updated RELAX Verifier for Java
16:25, 1 Sep 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

K. Kawaguchi announced the release of an updated RELAX Verifier for Java, a freeware tool for checking documents against RELAX document descriptions.

Changes to the latest version of the RELAX Verifier for Java include:

  • The Verifier can now generate validation records, including role, label, and datatype information.
  • The DOMVerifier class has been removed, and replaced with a new mechanism that uses the DOM2SAXFilter class.
  • Methods and member names have been updated to conform to Java practice.

Murata Makoto reports (registration required) that this implementation reflects recent additions to RELAX, though not exclusively:

"Kawaguchi-san's latest implementation has the descripitive power of non-deterministic bottom-up hedge automata and nevertheless provides appropriate error message by introducing some flavor of top-down hedge automata."

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