kXML parser API for small devices
16:38, 25 Jul 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

While warning that the software is "less than alpha, so enter at your own risk", Stefan Haustein posted an initial release of kXML, a parsing API that can be used on small devices running Sun's KVM.

The kXML toolkit includes:

  • Namespace support (as proposed in Common XML)
  • A Pull-based parser for simplified parsing of nested / modularized XML structures
  • WAP support (WBXML / WML)
  • A lean DOM (kDOM, not compatible with the W3C DOM)

Haustein released the software in response to a request from Constantine Plotnikov for pull-oriented parsers. Christopher K. St.John also replied with a suggestion for an expat wrapper.

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Re: kXML parser API for small devices (Prakash Iyer - 23:10, 30 Sep 2001)
IS the kXML parser out there multi byte enabled for useing it in Japanese applciations?
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