New Canonical XML, Signatures drafts
14:44, 12 Jul 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

The XML Signature Working Group has released new drafts of XML-Signature Syntax and Processing and a second Last Call for Canonical XML.

The new XML-Signature draft is, like its predecessor, a draft appearing after a Last Call draft. In the Status section, the group lists changes yet to be made before moving the document ahead to Candidate Recommendation status. Red highlights mark changes, including a change in the namespace used by the draft.

The Canonical XML draft is a second Last Call draft. The only notable change include addition clarification of an appendix describing Unicode normalization issues, stating that "the XML processor used to prepare the XPath data model input is REQUIRED to use Normalized Form C [NFC] when converting an XML document in a non-Unicode encoding to the UCS character domain."

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