Draft BizTalk Framework 2.0
13:49, 28 Jun 2000 UTC | Leigh Dodds

Microsoft have released a draft of the BizTalk Framework version 2.0. The latest version of the framework is now based on SOAP 1.1 and includes support for reliable server messaging.

The new draft is described as a "major revision" to the original specification, and includes the following new features:

  • Transport bindings (HTTP only; SMTP, and FTP to be added).
  • Reliable message delivery.
  • MIME encoding for attachments.
  • Security based on S/MIME and PKCS (to be added).
Other changes mentioned are a rationalisation of:

...the semantics, naming, and structure of many BizTags in the light of experience and the requirements of the new features in this specification.

Alongside SOAP both XML Schemas and XML Signature are cited as being influential in defining the new architecture. However, of the three, only SOAP is listed as a normative reference.

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