Content negotiation draft moving toward Proposed Standard
16:49, 13 Jun 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

The Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) announced that it has been requested to consider Identifying composite media features as a possible Proposed Standard, building on work that may affect the W3C's CC/PP work and which has been background to the xml-uri discussions.

The IETF's Content Negotiation (conneg) working group has been working on this draft and several others, as listed at their site. Their task is "to discuss negotiating elements of the presentation of documents that are not naturally captured by the MIME Media Type."

The draft currently under consideration describes only an abbreviated form, generated through a hashing algorithm, of the syntax described in RFC 2533 and RFC 2506.

Comments on this draft should be directed to the IESG list or the general IETF list before 27 June 2000. The conneg working group mailing list archives for this project are also available

As these drafts weren't written with XML in mind, it isn't entirely clear how content negotiation and XML namespace processing may interact, though those issues have emerged periodically on both the ietf-xml-mime and xml-uri lists.

For more on the Internet Standards Process, see RFC 2026.

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