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11:14, 12 Jun 2000 UTC | Leigh Dodds

Toivo Lainevool has announced the launch of XMLPatterns.com, a resource aimed at helping developers produce well-designed document types through the application of structural patterns.

The site currently documents more than 25 structural patterns and includes some general introductory material. The site is described as

...an attempt to start to produce an XML Structural Pattern language. This pattern language gives one the power to create document types for XML, which describe documents that are useful, maintainable, easy to author, and easy to process. This pattern language will be most useful if it is shared across the whole XML community.

Two recent articles by Fabio Arciniegas on XML.com, also discuss the relevance of design patterns to XML. The first discusses traditional patterns in an XML context, the second concentrates on XML specific patterns.

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