XML Protocols Shakedown perspectives
22:53, 21 May 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Reports are trickling in from the XML Protocols Shakedown held last week at WWW9. Dan Connolly provided a detailed report on the xml-dist-app list, while Dave Winer has lots of protocols coverage from his perspective (1 2 3 4) at Scripting News.

Dan Connolly presented a play-by-play, reconstructed from his notes. Connolly started out with some background, noting the ICE and WBXML submissions, along with about a year's worth of build-up to this event, and then let the speakers have it, from Michael Condry's refminder of opposition in recent IETF drafts to Henrik Frystyk Nielsen's 'oreo cookie' description of SOAP providing the 'creamy filling' between TCP/IP and the application layer..

Dave Winer presents his participation in the WWW9 events and his attempts to nail down various participants' positions on XML protocols, notably that of Sun Microsystems (with some resolution.) He also presents a report on the state of XML-RPC.

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