Intel to burn XML
16:01, 10 May 2000 UTC | Eric van der Vlist

Intel announced two XML network devices they claim handle secured B2B XML transactions 50 to 150 times faster than the traditional solutions.

These two devices (NetStructure 7210 XML Accelerator and 7280 XML Director) sit on the network like routers, but they act on XML B2B transactions which they analyze, validate, prioritize and redirect.

These products support (or will support) the principal B2B XML standards (BizTalk, cXML, CBL and ebXML) and can be configured on the fly.

This product launch is a double challenge for Intel, who is not considered as a key player in either the network or B2B fields.

The announcement has given rise to concerns on XML-DEV about the opportunity to burn XML protocols into appliances' firmware. One may wonder if it might not restrict the evolution of current standards and the birth of new standards, and have consequences in the event of the discovery of security flaws.

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