Support for DocBook in Zope
18:30, 25 Apr 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Ron Bickers has created a DocbookDocument product for Zope, enabling the rendering of XML DocBook documents.

The software is in early stages, but has been released in order to gain feedback. It builds on the XMLDocument and XMLWidgets products already available for Zope.

By no means all elements in DocBook are supported yet, but users can contribute Zope code to render a particular element to the author.

Martijn Faassen, author of XMLWidgets, commented:

Neat! The code is very clean ... People should be able to build on this, as well as use this as a model for other XMLWidgets/XMLDocument based ZClasses that can handle other XML formats.
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Re: Support for DocBook in Zope (Tony - 03:17, 19 Jun 2003)
where is the docbook support for zope?
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