TINI gets Minimal
11:49, 17 Apr 2000 UTC | Leigh Dodds

John Wilson has announced an alpha version of a MinXML Java parser aimed at the TINI platform.

TINI (The Tiny Internet Interface) is a "$50 embedded Java system which lets you put your toaster on the Internet ;)".

The 7kb parser should run on any JDK 1.1 or higher virtual machine, but support is currently limited to ASCII input due to a bug in the TINI firmware. The parser uses a state machine implementation:

One of the interesting things about this technique is that it can be implemented in virtually any programming language and does not rely on things like regexp libraries. The parser therefore provides an upper bound to the cost of implementing a MinXML parser in any reasonable programming language.

The Javascript MinXML parser, JaSMin has also been updated.

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