CSS3 Modularization
18:40, 14 Apr 2000 UTC | Leigh Dodds

The W3C have published the first draft of an introduction to CSS3. The initial draft describes the plans to modularize the further development of the specification

The document, which is still in an early draft, lists 24 modules which are expected to form CSS3. Four modules are considered to form the CSS "core", and each module will have its own test suite.

The draft states that the modularization will:

...will help to clarify the relationships between the different parts of the specification, and reduce the size of the complete document.... Furthermore, the modular nature of the specification will make it possible for individual modules to be updated as needed, thus allowing for a more flexible and timely evolution of the specification as a whole.

Timescales for the publication of the modular Working Drafts are provided.

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