Enabling RDF-based inferencing in Mozilla
07:47, 10 Apr 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Geoff Chappell has announced that the Mozillation project now supports the Netscape 6 pre-release, wrapping a Prolog logic engine into Mozilla to enable inferences based on RDF statements.

More information on the experimental work to enable inference in Mozilla can be found on the Mozilla web site. Examples of possible applications of this work are given: "inter-schema mappings, complex reasoning about user preferences and profiles (eg. PICS rules, P3P etc) and fancy email filtering capabilities".

The Mozillation plugin is currently available in binary form for Windows, and as source.

Update: Dan Brickley has posted some tips at mozillaZine on getting the Mozillation plugin working properly with Netscape 6 PR1.

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