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Analyzing the Web with XSLT to create RDF; XML-RPC over SMTP
16:54, 8 Apr 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

  • Prompted by discussions on "Semantic Web screenscraping" and Web accessibility, along with Rick Jelliffe's Schematron, Dan Brickley has posted to the RDF interest list, exploring the capabilities of XSLT to create RDF. He writes:

    XSLT has great expressive power that can be easily applied to extracting/ summarising and analysing XML web content into an RDF-processable form. Progress with this, for semantic web and WAI efforts, might be made easier if we had some taxonomy of XSLT stylesheets, so that an RDF agent could select appropriate stylesheets according to task at hand.
  • Eric Soroos has been doing some experimentation with sending XML-RPC requests over SMTP. His code utilizes the Frontier content management system.

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