Mozilla SVG support on the way
16:53, 3 Apr 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Several correspondents report that SVG support has been checked into the CVS repository for Mozilla.

Although preliminary, the code will build and is intended as a starting-point for SVG work.

Rod Spears wrote in netscape.public.mozilla.layout:

There is a long road ahead before we have full open-source support for SVG... As always, if we create a great foundation and framework for SVG in the beginning, it will be incredibly powerful in the end.

The SVG support is not present in the builds, but can be compiled from source using the option "--enable-svg".

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Re: Mozilla SVG support on the way (W James Busby - 19:06, 21 Dec 2002)
See the latest Mozilla build with svg - it works well now (december 2002)
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