"archy" explores modularization outside of XHTML
22:16, 29 Mar 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Murray Altheim announced the release of preliminary versions of "archy", a framework for building modular DTDs, and "instance karma", an XSLT stylesheet that creates a DTD from an XML file.

Both tools create DTDs which use the conventions outlined in the W3C Working Draft Building XML Modules.

archy, available in versions 1.0 and a namespace-aware 1.1, provides four core elements which may be reused, remodeled, or replaced as the designer finds necessary. archy is a framework, not a program, which "uses a set of naming conventions such that DTDs created using archy are highly predictable, maintainable, and extensible." Effectively, archy provides a foundation for testing how well the approach used by XHTML 1.1 can be applied to other structures.

instance karma provides an alternate route for designers to build DTDs that use the conventions of XHTML. While instance karma doesn't yet build separate modules, it can take a simple XML document instance, one with some extra attributes defining information about the DTD to be created, and create a shell DTD. This foundation can then be combined with other modules from XHTML, archy, or instance karma, without having to create all the necessary structures by hand.

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