XSLT as secret weapon?
14:25, 27 Mar 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Infoworld reports that vendors see XSL (actually, XSLT) as the 'overlooked' secret weapon for XML development.

The Sun-Netscape Alliance, Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle are all listed among the vendors hoping to push XSLT into their products and into common use. All of these vendors (save Sun) have existing support for XSLT, and the Sun-Netscape Alliance is adding XSLT to its iPlanet application server in version 6.0.

XSLT is presented as offering the easiest solution to the problem of customizing content for mobile devices using a variety of XML vocabularies, but the article goes beyond that scenario, noting for instance the use of XSLT within Windows DNA.

Larry Cable, CTO of the Sun-Netscape Alliance, notes that "you could basically perform any transformation from one XML [variant] to another" with XSLT.

The XML community has been discussing various uses of XSLT within application infrastructures as long as XSL has been in development, and this article makes clear the commercial possibilities of XSLT outside of the style sheet context it was originally built for.

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