Combining SVG, XLink, and XSLT
08:14, 23 Mar 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill has an article by Didier Martin demonstrating the use of SVG, XLink, XSLT, CSS, XML, HTML and JavaScript in concert.

Martin uses XSLT and XML to generate technical documentation, showing HTML and SVG elements connected in the browser by scripting.

The combination of so many XML technologies shows the great potential of the maturing family of standards. If you have the Adobe SVG viewer installed in your browser, check out the final result of Martin's experiments.

Re: Combining SVG, XLink, and XSLT (Gauthier Ludovic - 16:29, 21 Jan 2002)

Can you send me the source to transform XML data to SVG ?

Thank you

Re: Combining SVG, XLink, and XSLT (morteza - 12:14, 29 Aug 2001)

hi i want write gis app on the web & needs work with svg/xsl/xml please help me what i am doing?

> I can't view my written SVG code in my xsl file. (tahereh - 03:05, 11 Aug 2002)
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