The Register: Suspicious about SOAP and Microsoft
21:08, 8 Mar 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

The Register can't believe that Microsoft isn't trying to pull a fast one with SOAP[?]. Adding its voice to the chorus of suspicion around SOAP, this viewpoint is expressed in a mildly accurate article about XTech 2000.

Graham Lea of The Register writes:

Could it be that we are seeing a new facet of Microsoft, that there is the realisation that if you have the expertise, you do not have to use the dirty tricks? Relatively few vendors are keeping up-to-date with developments, and those not with it could find themselves very quickly left behind.

Unfortunately, Lea's article on the whole is riddled with inaccuracies about SOAP and XML (who is "Jan Bosak" anyway?). Pull your socks up, Register!

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