The week in RDF-Interest
06:55, 19 Feb 2000 UTC | Gabe Beged-Dov

Several topics were touched on this week on the rdf-interest mailing list. They included XMLCAL, XML Datatypes, XLink vs. RDF and WebDAV.

The week started with a short response from Tim Berners-Lee on how to approach mapping the IETF iCalendar format to RDF.

Dan Connolly started a thread on the topic of how to refer to an XML Schema datatype from an RDF Schema.

Jean Marc Vanel advocated an RDF approach as opposed to using XLink for adding metadata to promote interoperability.

Finally, Dan Brickley forwarded a message that Yaron Golan posted on the W3C-dist-auth mailing list titled the "WebDAV book of Why". Dan also mentioned that he is planning to create an rdf interest group issues list page to keep track of the many issues brought up by rdf enthusiasts on and off the list.

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