X2X XLink management
16:17, 17 Feb 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

STEP UK has released X2X, a set of software tools for managing XLink information in databases.

X2X is designed to make linking applications much more scalable, by storing the linking information in more readily-processed database formats instead of inside of XML documents. X2X uses JDBC to connect to relational database systems, and can accept and present linking information using the W3C's XLink vocabulary.

While smaller sets of documents may be able to use XML documents for direct storage of links, large sets can become unwieldy and slow if XML documents are used as the primary source of XML information. The relational database model makes it easy to dynamically generate lists of links that are appropriate to a given document, while providing access to the entire set of links when necessary.

An evaluation download is available, as is an announcement.

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