CSS User Interface draft
21:41, 16 Feb 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

The first new Cascading Style Sheets draft in over four months brings an update to new possibilities for specifying user interfaces with CSS.

The User Interface for CSS3 draft describes the use of Cascading Style Sheets for describing various types of interaction with users, allowing developers to identify different types of interface components through a style sheet. An Appendix lists how these new features would be applied to HTML 4 documents, but these tools could be applied to XML documents as well.

This draft more clearly defines the other documents on which it is dependent, allows components to have an 'indeterminate' state before the user has interacted with them, and adds both tab-indexing for interfaces and toggle-groups for dealing with components like groups of radio buttons.

A long list of issues to be resolved is also included in the draft.

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