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ODBC connectivity via XML middleware; EDI? Get XML experts on board!
21:19, 16 Feb 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

  • XMLSoftware's InterAccess provides ODBC databases access across the Internet via the use of XML. The COM DLL, available for Windows NT, provides a similar programming interface to the Microsoft ADO model. InterAccess is payware, but a demo can be downloaded from XMLSoftware's web site.

  • An article from Internet Week reports that "EDI is alive and kicking", but still urges large companies to "get plenty of XML experts on board". An interview with analyst Ken Vollmer reported that the replacement of traditional value-added-networks with managed IP networks will ensure that EDI stays alive for a while yet:

    "There are a number of companies that would like [IT managers] to think that EDI is dead, so that they can sell [them] something completely new and different," Vollmer said. "Don't believe it."

    However, that doesn't mean companies should ignore XML:

    "If I were managing EDI at a large company right now, the first thing I would do is get plenty of XML experts on board," Vollmer said.

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