Exploring HyTime: advocacy and some useful links
21:37, 27 Jan 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Continuing the debate over whether HyTime (ISO 10744:1997) is beyond mortal comprehension or not, Norman Gray has contributed a considered post to the discussion on XML-DEV.

His post appears to have missed the increasingly erratic XML-DEV archives, but can be found on Gray writes that he has "put in some effort to understand ISO 10744" and that it "enhanced my understanding of both SGML/XML and the notion of structured information".

He then goes on to explain why he thinks the HyTime specification has not been as successful as it might, and echoes the concerns raised by Nils Klarlund about the consistency of models within current XML specs:

Speaking as a user, however, I can say that the current auxiliary [XML] specs look like a rat's nest of slightly out-of-synch definitions, rapidly being set in concrete. Though individual specs are intelligible in isolation, the network of specs looks collectively ugly, inexpressive, and Not Fun To Play With.

Additionally, for those wondering what all the fuss is about, Gray includes a list of links to HyTime-related information.

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