Elsevier proposes PRISM module for RSS 1.0
21:06, 17 Jul 2003 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Tony Hammond from Elsevier has announced a PRISM module for RSS 1.0, and provided some example data feeds, including one for Nature.

PRISM, Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata, defines a vocabulary for syndicating, aggregating, post-processing and multi-purposing magazine, news, catalog, book, and mainstream journal content.

Hammond writes that their RSS/PRISM feeds "demonstrate how the PRISM terms enable us to publish a full magazine table of contents as RSS/RDF. We expect that there will be other applications that can make use of this rich metadata term set."

Demonstrations of test data include a Nature feed, a Tetrahedron feed, and an HTML demo rendering of that feed.

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Re: Elsevier proposes PRISM module for RSS 1.0 (Bob DuCharme - 13:54, 18 Jul 2003)
See the PRISM group's homepage at http://www.prismstandard.org for more on this standard, which is g ...
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