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Editors' Newswire for 30 June, 2003
23:59, 30 Jun 2003 UTC | XMLhack Editors

A collected summary of items that ran on the xmlhack newswire on 30 June, 2003.

PHP Version 5.0.0 Beta 1
New version of PHP has completely overhauled XML support based on libxml2.

XML Summer School, Wadham College, Oxford
from Uche Ogbuji at 17:08, 30 Jun
A series of XML training courses led by Kal Ahmed, Bob DuCharme, John Chelsom, Peter Flynn, Eve Maler, Jeni Tennison and Lauren Wood and more. 27th-31st July 2003.

Taking a Hard Line
from Edd Dumbill at 14:56, 30 Jun
Norm Walsh says embedded escaped HTML is inadvisable in the design of the let's-start-over RSS successor.

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