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Editors' Newswire for 22 May, 2003
23:59, 22 May 2003 UTC | XMLhack Editors

A collected summary of items that ran on the xmlhack newswire on 22 May, 2003.

Krysalis Barcode, a barcode generator with SVG output
from Uche Ogbuji at 03:57, 22 May
An open source Java tool, Krysalis Barcode supports multiple barcode standards, and includes a Xalan plug-in for SVG output.

matterCast SVG Imprint, a suite of tools to convert PDF to SVG
from Uche Ogbuji at 03:34, 22 May
The tools are SVG Imprint Windows, SVG Imprint Batch and SVG Imprint SDK (COM and .Net components). The tools retain PDF layout in the resulting SVG, maintain embedded fonts and internal links. The otput is optimized for size, supports CMYK color space and table of contents. Trial versions are available.

XMLStarlet Command Line XML Toolkit 0.1.0
from Uche Ogbuji at 03:29, 22 May
An open source "set of command line utilities (tools) to transform, query, validate, and edit XML documents and files using simple set of shell commands in similar way it is done for plain text files using UNIX grep, sed, awk, diff, patch, join, etc commands." Supports XPath, XSLT, structural updates, c14n, XInclude, DTD, WXS, RELAX NG and more. Written in C and bsed on libxml and libxslt.

XML and traffic jams
from Simon St.Laurent at 00:34, 22 May
Concerns about the ever-growing pile of XML messages, and the effort needed to process them, especially securely - but also commentary on what all this traffic may enable.

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