Overheard at XML Europe 2003
09:38, 9 May 2003 UTC | Eric van der Vlist

As ever, XML Europe 2003 had its share of unforgettable statements, some of which will be the subject of more detailed stories on xmlhack over the next week.

"Yes, I have visions"; "a global electronic market place can change the world."

"This is not what we dreamed of, XML was supposed to change the world!"

"XML is just everywhere in Linux."

"What's important isn't the markup; the markup is just metadata about PCDATA."

"I can't believe it! Is ASN.1 still alive or was this presentation just a joke?"

"XML is getting better everyday."

"The XML community is still in denial, piling specification on top of specification in the vain hope that people will mistake the frantic energy for progress; that only makes things worse."

"One in ten XML business documents have errors"

"XML 1.0 is doing too much."

"Using schema types well will make things easier with XSLT 2.0; not using them will make things harder."

"(W3C) XML Schema is the schema language people love to hate."

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