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Editors' Newswire for 25 April, 2003
23:59, 25 Apr 2003 UTC | XMLhack Editors

A collected summary of items that ran on the xmlhack newswire on 25 April, 2003.

XML Professional Publisher 7.2, XML authoring, transformation and rendering software
from Uche Ogbuji at 13:01, 25 Apr
This release adds a Perl adapter and a MathML module.

onTV:meta, an XML-based system for managing and publishing television programme information
from Uche Ogbuji at 12:55, 25 Apr
Allows users to author TV programme metadata, or import it from multiple sources. Based on the TV-Anytime standard, which ensures a rich tool base. It uses WXS, XQuery, XSLT and native XML storage using X-Hive. No demos appear to be easily available.

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