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XMLIO for C++, Recipe DTD
13:59, 2 Jan 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Leading the charge into the new year, Paul Miller released version 0.5 of XMLIO, a C library for generating and processing XML streams (with a C++ API as well). Jim Saiya of FormatData released version 0.2 of DESSERT, a DTD for recipes.

XMLIO provides both 'push' and 'pull' mechanisms for retrieving content from documents, allowing applications to choose the material they wish to process without requiring that they examine every element. The largest change in XMLIO 0.5 is a redesign in C, with the C++ API separated and layered on top of the C code. This version only supports ASCII encoding 'right now'. XMLIO is distributed under the GNU Library General Public License.

DESSERT (Document Encoding and Structuring Specification for Electronic Recipe Transfer) goes well beyond the simple recipe DTDs that are a common staple of introductory XML books, providing levels of information that are suitable for recipes and complete menus, with information about nutrition and diet-exchange values included. At this point, DESSERT is available only as a DTD, though FormatData plans to develop editors and viewers.

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