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Editors' Newswire for 15 January, 2003
23:59, 15 Jan 2003 UTC | XMLhack Editors

A collected summary of items that ran on the xmlhack newswire on 15 January, 2003.

TAG discussion of XML subsets
from Simon St.Laurent at 22:58, 15 Jan
Norm Walsh describes "thoughts about what an XML subset should look like", concluding that the subset "must be backwards compatible with XML 1.1" and "must define a language that excludes DTD declarations".

wysihtml 0.4
from Eric van der Vlist at 21:06, 15 Jan
What you see is HTML (wysihtml) is an emacs minor mode which invokes Mozilla to perform "almost-real-time previewing" of HTML and DocBook XML.

eXist 0.9
from Eric van der Vlist at 17:44, 15 Jan
The eXist project announced release 0.9 of their XML database more scalable and including new features such as user authentification, and "basic" server side XInclude.

Very Extensible Linking Language Unafraid of Markup (VELLUM)
from Uche Ogbuji at 17:18, 15 Jan
VELLUM offers developers verbose but powerful XML linking tools. It emerges from Simon St.Laurent's linking and linkbase brainstoriming.

James Michael DuPont announces an RDF dump of RDFIG logs
from Uche Ogbuji at 16:46, 15 Jan
The RDF Interest Group IRC forum is the site of much RDF discussion and development. This dump of the logs offers a map of the discussion in RDF N-Triples format, sourced from the Daily Chump bot.

QuiLogic XQuery Update Extension
from Uche Ogbuji at 15:13, 15 Jan
XUpdate does not yet have standardized update. The QuiLogic extension is based on insert-update-delete semantics from SQL.

QuiLogic annoinces SQL/XML-IMDB, a native XML database
from Uche Ogbuji at 15:09, 15 Jan
SQL/XML-IMDB supports file-based and memory-based processing, supports XQuery and SQL on XML data, and offers data transfer between SQL and XML databases. A trial version is available.

TinyLine SVG toolkit version 1.3 beta released
from Uche Ogbuji at 15:01, 15 Jan
TinyLine SVG Toolkit is a J2ME SDK for Mobile SVG. It is designed to run over virtually all J2ME profiles. The software is open source.

Libxslt 1.0.24
from Eric van der Vlist at 10:42, 15 Jan
Daniel Veillard has released libxslt 1.0.24 now supporting XPointer (CR version) fragment identifiers in the "document()" function.

RDF API for PHP V0.3
from Uche Ogbuji at 05:59, 15 Jan
A PHP package for RDF processing, based on the Stanford RDF API. This is an early release that has not been optimized.

ARP RDF Parser seeking alpha testers
from Uche Ogbuji at 05:57, 15 Jan
ARP is based on the most recent RDF specs and is part of the open-source Jena project.

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