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Editors' Newswire for 14 November, 2002
23:59, 14 Nov 2002 UTC | XMLhack Editors

A collected summary of items that ran on the xmlhack newswire on 14 November, 2002.

Excelon releases Stylus Studio 4.5
from Uche Ogbuji at 18:49, 14 Nov
New features include a GUI metaphor for XSLT, an XQuery technology preview, a document wizard for converting text files to XML, and more.

BindingPoint features listings, reviews and ratings of public Web services.
from Uche Ogbuji at 18:46, 14 Nov

W3C releases new recommendation: XML-Signature XPath Filter 2.0
from Uche Ogbuji at 18:40, 14 Nov
XML Signature (XML-DSig) is a standard for specifying information to be digitally signed and for representing the resulting signatures in XML.

The journal Upgrade produces an issue "XML: The ASCII of the 21st Century?"
from Uche Ogbuji at 18:36, 14 Nov
Upgrade is the European Online Magazine for the IT Professional

IDEAlliance announces the release of the SPACE/XML standard
from Uche Ogbuji at 18:33, 14 Nov
Specifications for Publisher & Agency Communications Exchange XML (SPACE/ XML) defines electronic business transactions for advertising agents.

mtxslt - Multi-XSLT Ant Task
from Uche Ogbuji at 18:25, 14 Nov
mtxslt is an [Apache Ant] task that makes it easier to coordinate the calling of multiple XSLT processors during builds.

CLaRK - an XML-based System for Corpora Development
from Uche Ogbuji at 18:23, 14 Nov
CLaRK includes an XML editor, XPath and XSLT engines and other facilities for people who use XML in the management of large, possibly multilingual bodies of work.

Paoli on Office 11 XML
from Simon St.Laurent at 01:50, 14 Nov
"Our goal is to enable end-users to use XML properly. The result is not for developers. We are for the masses. That's why we had to invent this mode where the XML guy or Web developer would be able to introduce a schema into something an end-user can understand."

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