Updated release of XVIF
17:19, 30 Sep 2002 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Eric van der Vlist announced version 0.2 of his XML Validation Interoperability Framework (XVIF), "including a partial implementation of Relax NG and a very partial implementation of W3C XML Schema datatypes".

XVIF, an implementation of a strawman proposal van der Vlist created as part of his work on the ISO DSDL project, builds a pipeline processing model using "a language and context neutral vocabulary to define which transformations should be applied to XML fragments". The actual implementation is in Python, though XVIF itself could be implemented on other platforms.

On the transformation side, XVIF provides support for XSLT, XPath, regular expressions, and regular fragmentations, while on the validation side it supports RELAX NG, regular expressions, and XPath testing. It supports pluggable data types in addition to the newly added W3C XML Schema types.

The recently announced latest version (0.12.0a3) of 4Suite adds XVIF 0.2.0 support, including the use of XVIF to provide RELAX NG support in the parser infrastructure.

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Re: Updated release of XVIF (Jonathan Seller - 15:31, 1 Oct 2002)
This is excellent work. Using the 'correct' structure of Relax with the datatypes of the XML Schema ...
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