CyberNeko Tools for XNI: XML trick bag
10:37, 27 Aug 2002 UTC | Michael Smith

CyberNeko Tools for XNI (NekoXNI) is an open-source XNI-based suite that includes an experimental pull parser, a framework for automating batch XML transformations, and tools that enable standard XML APIs to be used to access information in HTML documents and DTDs.

Andy Clark -- who designed XNI (the Xerces Native Interface) and was the chief architect of its reference implementation, the Xerces2 XML parser -- says he wrote the tools in the NekoXNI suite to "illustrate the power and flexibility of the XNI framework as well as provide useful tools for XML application developers".

The suite includes:


Experimental API that enables an XML application to request, or pull, information from a document one piece at a time instead of having document information pushed to the application, as it is with the standard XML tree-based (DOM) and event-based (SAX) APIs.


Enables automation of XML transformations; similar to the Apache StyleBook tool, but "smaller, more flexible, and (perhaps most importantly) documented".


Enables applications to work with "normal" HTML documents (that is, ones that aren't necessarily well-formed XML documents) as if they were well-formed XML documents.


Converts DTDs into XML representations that can then be processed using standard XML tools and transformed into other grammar formats, including RELAX NG.


Enables XNI-based validation of XML documents against RELAX NG grammars and access to information in those documents using standard XML APIs. See related story.

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