Benchmarking Java XML processors
20:15, 1 Jul 2002 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Pankaj Kumar has announced XPB4J, a tool for measuring and comparing XML parsing/processing performance.

According to XPB4J's web site, it "considers XML operations such as parsing, transformation, validation, encryption/decryption, custom access/manipulation or any combination of these applied to one or more XML files and/or byte streams as XML processing."

XPB4J has three components: code to carry out XML processing, a harness to run and measure that processing, and a framework to allow pluggable code and scripts.

A report describing processor measurements is available on the web site, considering Xerces, GNU JAXP, Piccolo, XML Pull parser, JDOM, dom4j.

Re: Benchmarking Java XML processors (Anonymous Coward - 23:36, 22 Jul 2002)

There's also XSLTMark, available for both C/C++ and java engines. Results may be dated, but it's opensource and there for download.

Re: The XStat JDOM results (Pankaj Kumar - 17:04, 4 Jul 2002)

I have investigated this and found that the suggested change does indeed address the non-linear performance degradation. Please look at for the bug report and details of the investigation.

The XStat JDOM results (Jason Hunter - 02:35, 3 Jul 2002)

The developers on jdom-interest have looked into the odd behavior of JDOM under the XStat test, and the cause is believed to be a bug in the performance test. For more information, see

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