New draft of RDF syntax specification
17:37, 26 Mar 2002 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Dave Beckett announced the publication of a new draft of the "cleaned up" RDF XML syntax being developed by the W3C's RDF Core Working Group.

The revised syntax is "amended and clarified", compared to that defined by the current RDF Model & Syntax Recommendation. According to Beckett, the new syntax is based on the XML Information Set and XML Base. It also includes an advisory RELAX NG schema, using RELAX NG's non-XML syntax.

The main changes in the March 25 document include:

  • The document handles the majority of the syntax in RDF M&S and the graph generation rules are considered mostly complete.
  • The completion of the rules for generating the graph for rdf:bagID
  • Rules for handling xml:lang with literals added.
  • Rules for handling XML Literals (not yet complete) from rdf:parseType="Literal".
  • Addition of XML Base support
  • Updated introduction with examples.

A detailed changelog is available in the draft itself.

The RDF Core Working Group is requesting feedback and comments, particularly with regard to existing implementations. Comments should be sent to www-rdf-comments@w3.org (archives).

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