Versa RDF-querying language: Spec, tutorial updated
13:42, 27 Feb 2002 UTC | Michael Smith

Versa is a language for addressing and querying an RDF model, allowing traversal of arcs, processing of node contents, and general expression evaluation. Uche Ogbuji recently announced updates to both the Versa draft specification and Versa-by-example tutorial.

Ogbuji describes Versa as "a sort of a break-off from RIL (RDF Inference Language) in a similar way that XPath broke off from XSLT". All queries demonstrated in the Versa-by-example tutorial are apparently supported in the current development version of 4Suite (see the 4Suite download page for information about checking out the current 4Suite development code via anonymous CVS). Ogbuji says he'd like to see the Versa spec developed through a community process and eventually implemented in other RDF systems.

Discussion of Versa takes place on the RDF Inference Language mailing list.

Disclosure: Ogbuji is an xmlhack contributing editor.

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Hmm. I'll have to investigate that. The old "works for me"

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